Whether you are looking for relaxation, injury recovery, or relief from chronic pain, I work with each client to find the correct style of massage or bodywork that will help increase joint mobility, lessen pain, and bring about the best results.

Integrative Massage
Integrative Massage incorporates different bodywork modalities throughout a session such as Swedish, deep tissue, joint mobility, and meditation. It focuses on the client’s areas of need and implements specific protocols of treatment.  
Swedish Massage
Swedish/ classic massage is the most common type of massage requested. Focusing on relaxation and well-being, it uses several types of strokes that manipulate muscle and connective tissue, encouraging blood flow, boosting the immune system, and reduces pain.


​Deep Tissue Massage


​​​Deep Tissue Massage refers to a technique that utilizes very specific and slow strokes. By warming the fascia and other superficial muscles, deeper muscles are able to be worked without restriction. This work is best for specific areas of the body that may have pain or restricted movement.

Acupressure Neck Massage

​Neck, Face, Scalp Massage
By focusing on the neck, face, and scalp Clients are able to give into releasing stress and tension that is most often held in our neck and facial muscles. 
This is the perfect option for someone that may suffer from tension headaches or "crunchy forehead" from looking at a screen for work.


Stretch Session
Stretching is vital for our bodies to stay supple and mobile. With a stretch session we can focus on joints in large and small areas of the body with specific attention to elongate, strengthen, and articulate joints that may feel stuck or are recovering from injury. 
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage has some of the same goals as other massage: to bring relaxation, reduce pain, and increase mobility.  With the client's growing baby and body changes that may come with the bundle of joy, I work to focus on needs of the expectant mother by changing techniques and using several bolsters to insure comfort on the table.
Chair Massage
Chair massage can release muscle tension and fatigue, reducing inflammation and soreness due to repetitive work motions. Sessions are typically focused work to back, shoulders, and neck. 
These sessions are perfect for on-the-go individuals.