How Long Has It Been?

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

How long has it been since you had a massage? Truthfully. Me? Six months. Six very lonnngggg months. But I’m finally going this week. Finally. Desperately. Joyfully.

Sometimes daily life gets the best of me. Taking care of others is literally my job after all. But when it comes to self care I’m not always on my A game. And please know, self care is not defined by massage, bubble baths, and a yoga class. These things definitely don‘t hurt, but they are not definitive self care.

Self care, in short, is paying attention to yourself. Listening to your body’s needs. Hungry? Feed it good foods. Tired? Go to sleep. Take a nap. Want to try a new hobby? Take a class. You will be among other newbies so don’t fret.

For me? I don’t speak my truth with my loved ones enough. Oh sure, I talk. I talk a lot. And I’m loud. I know this. But am I letting my freak flag fly? Am I telling family and friends, “you know, I don’t eat meat because I just don’t feel it’s the best for me“ as we sit down to share a meal. Or, “I don’t want to go out to get a drink but how about a hike in the afternoon?” when making plans to meet with friends.

The point is these are all self care options. I’m not being selfish, just placing value on my self worth. And who knew? It’s free! So that freak flag, I’m not just letting it fly, I’m going to let it soar.