Flex Spending


Jen Harrison, LMT does accept Flex Spending cards.  Please check with your insurance carrier if pre-approval  is needed for medical massage.



Car Insurance/ Worker's Comp    

Jen Harrison, LMT does file car accident insurance and Worker's Comp


What is needed:


  • A written "prescription" from your doctor

  • Pre-approval from your car insurance company/ claim # to be filed under

  • A copy of your license and current insurance card

  • A credit card number to be held to cover any part of fees not covered under insurance



Health Insurance

Jen Harrison, LMT does not currently file health insurance as massage is not covered under health insurance in the state of Kentucky at this time. HOWEVER, many health insurance carriers do provide CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) coverage,  so please check with your own insurance company in regards to discounts towards wellness programs.


I am currently accredited with Healthways WholeHealth  Program.


Humana Insurance

10% off any MASSAGE rate 60 minutes or longer. This may not be used with any other discounts. 


What is needed:


  • Current Humana Health Insurance card

  • Healthways Alternative Health and Wellness Certificate

  • Payment by cash or check