After years in the physically demanding restaurant business with long hours then having a child in 2008, I realized one day I had lost a little of myself in the daily hustle and bustle of raising a child and punching a time clock. Up to this point, I had been an on/ off yoga practitioner for several years and was beginning to turn more towards a natural parenting path with my child. I explored the idea of massage school in 2004 but never followed through. It was not until my daughter turned 2 that I asked myself, was I really in a career that I wanted to do?  How could I turn my interest in holistic and healthy living into a career? So it was in May 2010 that I revisited the idea of massage school and applied for the fall semester.


I graduated at the top of my class in 2011 from Advanced Massage Therapeutics in Louisville, KY. My specialties include deep tissue and myofascial work along with injury work. I have additional certification in pre-and perinatal massage and Reflexology and continue to educate myself in fascial release. 


Having a strong anatomy background helps me pin point the root of client issues, but it is not uncommon for me to place focus on the breath and include energy balancing during a typical session. In the sessions I help clients increase joint mobility through stretching, limb shaking and compression. As I tell all of my first time clients, "I have no idea what my massage feels like", so I encourage feedback from you. I am there to work WITH you, not ON you.


My goal is to provide my clients with a very restorative massage. After a session with me, clients will feel a sense of deep relaxation and wholeness.

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