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In June 2021 I decided to make some changes to my current business model. 

What I have come up with is a combination of wellness therapy and lifestyle assistance. 

Need a personal assistant to help navigate emails, reorganize the junk drawer to the garage, along with helping run errands?

I can do it!

Want a small plant gift that is unique and personal?

I can do it!

Need a massage to deal with stress or headaches that focuses on the neck, face and, scalp?

I can do it!


I am currently taking massage clients that are focusing on neck, face, and scalp work due to a current injury.


By Appointment Only

Mon:    11 am-5:00 pm

Tue:      11 am-5:00 pm

Wed:     11 am-5:00 pm

Thurs:  11 am-5:00 pm

Fri:       CLOSED

Sat:      CLOSED

Sun:     CLOSED


Jen Harrison, LMT Integrative Massage is located in the heart of the Belknap Neighborhood in the Metro Business Center Building on Douglass Boulevard. The studio is in an active space, shared with other bodyworkers, but within the studio walls tranquility awaits.  While daily life does not allow us to shut the outside world out, I believe teaching ourselves how to reach a relaxed state and become a part of our environment will help achieve a greater sense of peace, internally and externally. While focusing on massage, I encourage clients to set an intention for their visit, leaving the outside world at the door.




Jen Harrison, LMT Integrative Massage provides bodywork and therapeutic massage by providing clients with the highest quality therapy by reducing pain, encouraging body awareness and promoting the power of the mind-body connection.



I work with each client to find the correct style of massage, often integrating several. I am committed to continually improving the excellence of my techniques through involvement in associations, continuing education and through communications with clients and peers.



Developing trust through professionalism and an ethically guided practice allows me to maintain a consistent, quality massage and continue to meet the needs of clients.


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